Cafe Menu

All-day Breakfast

Rice Bowls

  • Bacon & Eggs P220
  • Garlic Longganisa P170
  • Sirloin Beef Tapa P230
  • Spam Rice P180


  • Buttermilk Waffle
    • Original P190
    • Hazelnut P195
    • Berry P195
  • French Toast
    • Maple P170
    • Hazelnut P180
    • Berry P180


Standard Coffee

  • Long Black (Hot/Iced) P90
  • Long White (Hot/Iced) P130
  • Manual Brew (Hot/Iced) P120
  • Red Eye (Hot/Iced) P150

Signature Coffee

  • Mo Coffee (Hot/Iced) P150
    Milk chocolate + espresso
  • Iced Nutty Latte (Iced only) P150
    Blended chocnut, espresso, milk, & ice
  • Spiced Almond Latte (Hot/Iced) P170
    Flavored almond syrup, milk, espresso
  • Vanilla Cream Latte (Iced only) P170
    Creamy espresso-based coffee with a hint of sweet vanilla
  • Caramel Latte (Hot/Iced) P150
  • Vanilla Latte (Hot/Iced) P150


  • Arnold Palmer P120
  • Tea P80
  • Iced Tea P50


  • Margherita Plus P330
    Our marg with an extra twist of pesto sauce.
  • Four Cheese Garlic P300
    Cheddar, mozzarella, white cheese, parmesan
  • Jake's OG Chorizo P350
    House-made pork chorizo with tomatoes and onions
  • Prosciutto Pesto Pizza (PPP) P350
    Salty prosciutto paired with pesto


    • Brioche Grilled Cheese 
      • P230 without tomato sauce
      • P260 with tomato sauce


    • Pesto Pasta P230

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